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   MOTION is mainly focused on PvE including flash points, world arcs, and once players reach level cap, end game raiding. We want to see as much of the world and story as possible. Our primary goal is to ensure all of our members enjoy the game and have a sense of belonging in the Sith Empire. We have transfered servers to Drooga's Pleasure Barge. All members will be encouraged to take on crafting professions so guild members don't have to look far to get what they need. No age limit will be enforced, however maturity is expected. Adult language may be prevalent, and unless in extreme excess will not be frowned upon. Several events will be scheduled each week so there will always be plenty to do together. Events will start out as flash point runs, world arc quests and some type of PvP for those interested. So what can you expect as a member of MOTION?
  • Progressive PvE
  • Engaging PvP
  • Discount Crafting
  • Varied Events
  • Class Tips
  • Ventrilo Access

   As a raider in several MMO's I've been around to conquer everything from HK-47(SWG) to the Lich King(WoW). I enjoy progressive raids, but understand people can get bored hammering out the same content every week. We will do our best to make sure even out leveled content is explored. In the future I would like to implement member of the month events, where the community voted winner gets to host an event of their choosing. Fill out an application and join MOTION today.

Operations Schedule:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-11PM CST

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